Effects Of Unhealthy Lifestyle To Acne

Scientifically, acne is caused by excess sebum or oil in the skin. It hits individuals during puberty stage. In between ages twelve to twenty-five, the sebaceous or oil glands produce more oil or sebum. It is an imperative cycle of body. But sometimes acne’s existence extends up to age thirty or even worse, beyond. That may be sometimes due to hormones especially for women. There was no other proven cause of acne but there are definitely ways which can trigger or flare it. One major reason that acne worsens is because of one’s unhealthy lifestyle. This includes an individual’s eating habits, reaction to stress, exercise and sleeping habits, and vices. Know more about acne today.

There are certain types of food that can worsen your acne condition. So it is best to avoid them or minimize its intake. There are sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods that can flare your blood sugar so quickly that your body reacts by releasing insulin quickly too. Too much insulin can push your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Of course it is not an option to cut intake of carbohydrates but it is suggested to replace white bread or pastas with whole wheat products instead.

Stress is one major factor affecting a person’s lifestyle. For years there has been an argument regarding the advantages and disadvantages of stress. So, it has been settled that there exists two kinds of stress – the good one and the bad one. Some specialists say that good stress can be beneficial because it keeps our mind and body active. Bad stress brings nothing but bad news too. Every person has a different stress threshold. A problem might be tolerable for one person while it isn’t for another. It is important to deal with stress earlier. Participating in enjoyable activities is one way to lessen stress. But if it is something that is too much to handle, it is highly recommended to visit a specialist.

Getting enough sleep and rest is a great factor too. It is relative to stress. When one is not getting enough sleep, it results to stress. It is scientifically tested that stress causes malfunction of skin and destroy its structure. Engaging in physical activities is good for overall health. But it helps generating more oxygen for your skin cells through normal blood circulation.

Smoking and excessive intake of alcohol are some vices that can be very harmful in one person’s health.  We usually associate smoking to diseases of the lungs and alcoholism to diseases of the liver. But both can cause damage to skin too. Both destroy the skin’s supply of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in generating cells thus keeping it young. Skin becomes more sensitive when it ages causing it to be more prone to acne growth.

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